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Insurance as unique as your organisation

Integrated Insurance Solutions does not believe in a ‘one size fits all approach. Instead, we take the time to comprehend your industry and operations to provide insurance policies that perfectly match your unique circumstances.

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Considering all risk factors

Our insurance experts ask the right questions – even those you may not have thought about or even considered where risk existed. This thorough process is all about finding insurance products that actually safeguard your organisation, no matter what industry or model.

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In consultation with industry experts

Industry experts understand your potential exposure to risk. That’s why we appoint relevant industry professionals to ensure every aspect of your organisation is assessed for risk exposure and the right insurance products are provided.

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Make informed insurance decisions

The Integrated Insurance Solutions team applies our years of practical experience, network and industry knowledge to assess every possible risk profile your organisation may face before suggesting any insurance product. This way, you can make well-informed decisions based on your unique situation.



You’re in business to achieve goals, expand and grow revenue.

We’re here to give you complete peace of mind with comprehensive insurance, experienced service and trustworthy expertise.

At Integrated Insurance Solutions, no one is as passionate as we are about identifying and delivering insurance solutions that protect your business and assets against the risks that are unique to your specific circumstances.

Our holistic approach provides you with the steadfast confidence that you are working with the right insurance brokers focused on your needs so you can operate with certainty.

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We begin by asking the right questions to understand all information pertinent to your organisation. At Integrated Insurance solutions, we never make assumptions or jump to conclusions when assessing your organisation’s risk profile.


Next, we appoint relevant industry experts to assist us in identifying and understanding potential risk exposures to avoid any misunderstanding and misalignment in the insurance solutions we provide.


From this, we source, compile and present the right insurance products in a report and walk you through this so you can make highly-informed decisions.


Finally, we continue to work with you over the long term to offer advice, guidance and support to ensure you’re getting the most benefit from your insurance policies, including customising renewals and keeping information up-to-date.




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