While appropriate solutions for many clients can be found with local insurers, it can be of great value to have access and a reputation with the global market. The reality is that Australia is a small pool compared to the rest of the world. This can mean:

  • To attract more customer, most Insurers think of specific product lines instead of the needs of the customer buying the product

  • Wordings can be less specialised leaving gaps in cover

  • Being a smaller market, premiums can be higher to ensure that the premium pool collected by the insurer is sufficient to pay the claims made by customers as well as to cover the operational and other costs of running the company, including a fair and reasonable profit for shareholders

  • For clients with specialised needs cover can be difficult to obtain or very expensive

By having specialist overseas insurance options for clients, it means:

  • Customers have access to the combined scale, expertise and capacity of the entire market, not just a single insurance company

  • Brokers identify the underwriters best placed to insure your risk from a diverse range of syndicates including international companies and smaller niche firms.

  • As the 'pool' is much bigger and the risks more specifically understood this doesn't necessarily translate cover being more expensive

  • Exclusive access to information, insight and specialised tools that help Brokers create the most relevant, appropriately costed products for their customers. It means clients with niche or specialised needs can generally obtain the same cover, or better, often at a more competitive price